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Our story is a humble one.  Crafted by the candidates and clients we have been fortunate enough to work with for over a decade.

The President of our firm Vincent Scaramuzzo broke into Executive Recruitment back in the fall of 2004. A local MRI Franchise was expanding and had just started its Education Division. (MRINetwork has grown into one of the largest and most successful recruitment organizations in the world. MRINetwork is comprised of more than 2,500 search professionals, across approximately 600 offices in 40 countries.)

Scaramuzzo was exposed to the best available Executive Recruitment training and quickly became a student of the sector. As a result he was acknowledged as a “Rookie of the Year” in 2005, a “Pacesetter” in 05,06,07,08 – and one of the top 25 recruiters in the World by MRINetwork.

In 2008 he was blessed with an incredible opportunity. His friend, mentor, and boss was selling his search firm and Scaramuzzo had the opportunity to buy out his portion of the business and form his own firm.

From this “hand shake” arrangement Ed-Exec, Inc. was born and the rest is history.

Led by Scaramuzzo, Ed-Exec, Inc. in Glastonbury, Conn., has quickly become one of the leading Education Executive Search Firms. Partnering with Education Institutions, K-12, and Educational Service Providers Nationwide – Ed-Exec, Inc. consistently finds the best available talent in the marketplace.

He is supported by his Senior Executive Recruiters Peter Rynkowski and Alec Barman along with Executive Recruiter Justin Keogh. Together they are backed by a team of junior recruiters and internet researchers enabling them to offer our clients unparalleled access, speed, chemistry, and passion for all of their search needs.

Our team would be happy to schedule a free consultative call about your hiring needs